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Tips on Feeding a Child with a Cleft Lip and Palate

Babies with a cleft lip with or without a cleft palate often experience difficulty feeding both by breast and by bottle. This is due to the fact that the cleft(s) makes it particularly hard to create a vacuum in the mouth, which is needed to induce suction. Our craniofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Payne, has provided some tips to help make this process easier and more successful: Children with a cleft lip alone can often... Continue Reading

What to Look for in a Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Revision rhinoplasty, also known as nasal reconstruction, typically is performed for two reasons: as part of a complex staged procedure or in an effort to improve the results of a previous surgery. Furthermore, this operation can be used to improve nasal aesthetics, nasal function, or both. Rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the most difficult facial plastic surgery procedures, and revision rhinoplasty is often more complex than the primary (initial) surgery. As a result,... Continue Reading

How Soon Can I Eat After Jaw Surgery?

Jaw surgery is a significant procedure, whether you are having single or double jaw surgery. Therefore, we cannot emphasize enough that each person has a unique rate of healing, and you should listen to your body to determine if you’re ready for the next stage of recovery. Dr. Eric Payne, our experienced craniofacial plastic surgeon, has provided the following general guidelines to assist you. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team... Continue Reading

What Causes Torticollis and Head Tilt?

Torticollis is defined as twisted or tight neck muscles causing a head to tilt to one side. Some parents ask what is the treatment for correcting a head tilt or neck tightness known as torticollis? To answer this question, we first need to understand the cause or reason for the head tilt. There are 3 main types of torticollis: Postural Muscular Neck or Sternocleidomastoid mass When performing a physical exam to determine the cause we... Continue Reading

What Is Revision Ear Surgery?

Revision of a previous ear surgery can be quite difficult. Dr. Payne is one of the few craniofacial plastic surgeon specialists trained to perform revision otoplasty on adults and children to correct bad outcomes from previous ear surgery. Complications from ear surgery can include: Infection Over pinned back ears (overcorrection) Relapse of ear deformity (rupture of suture) Loss of skin or cartilage of the ear Abnormal position of the ear Significant asymmetry of the ears... Continue Reading

What Is Parry-Romberg Syndrome?

Parry–Romberg syndrome, or progressive hemifacial atrophy, is a disease characterized by localized loss of subcutaneous tissue on one side of the face and skull. Or in other words, the shrinking and degeneration of the soft and bony tissues under the skin. This is a rare neurocutaneous syndrome with an unknown etiology or cause. Typically, this affects females more commonly than males in a 3-2 ratio with usual beginning stages at around the teenage years of... Continue Reading

Chin Augmentation versus Osseous Genioplasty

For people with a small chin who want to enhance their appearance there are two options to pursue surgical correction. One option includes using a chin implant, also known as chin augmentation. The other option is to perform an osseous genioplasty, which involves surgically cutting the bone and advancing it forward. We will discuss the pros and cons of each option. For chin augmentation, we typically will use a contoured two-piece chin implant that will... Continue Reading

What Is Skull Reconstruction?

Skull reconstruction involves restoring not just the bone defect but also muscle, fat and skin defects to establish a more normal structure and appearance. The skull deformity or defect can be due to tumor, trauma or infection. Typically, patients are seen after emergency neurosurgery is performed to save a person’s life. In these situations, resolution of the life-threatening issue takes priority over reconstruction. Dr. Eric Payne is a craniofacial plastic surgeon who is trained in... Continue Reading

Dental and Orthodontic Treatment for Children with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

Most parents who have a child with a cleft lip and/or palate will ask what the surgeries for their child will entail without realizing that there is more to it than just the lip and palate. Children need to also have their dental health carefully taken care of while they grow up. Here is a timeline of what to expect based on your child’s age. Newborn to 1 year old Start Nasal-Alveolar Molding (NAM) within... Continue Reading

Welcome to Our New Website

Our primary goals are to help our patients of all ages improve their health and well-being. With this objective in mind, our skilled medical team offers advanced treatment for a broad array of craniofacial and congenital conditions, injuries, and diseases. Dr. Eric Payne, our extensively trained craniofacial and plastic surgeon, is dedicated to helping achieve the optimal aesthetic and functional outcome for every patient he sees. The sensitive nature of many of our patients’ situations,... Continue Reading