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Ear Deformities

Approximately one third of all infants are born with some form of ear deformity, of which about 33 percent self-correct within a week. The rest typically require treatment to reshape the ear to a more conventional appearance. Ear deformities come in a wide range of types, and they are separate and distinct from ear malformations—a condition wherein part of or the entire ear is missing. Anotia and microtia are examples of ear malformation. Dr. Eric Payne, our extensively trained craniofacial and plastic surgeon, can address both ear deformities and malformation utilizing the most advanced techniques available. Early correction of ear deformities, typically within the first two weeks of life, can often provide excellent results without the need for surgery or invasive methods. Ear molding using the EarWell™ device has helped gently modify ear shape for thousands of children. You can learn more about treatment of ear deformities on our sister site,

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