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Houston Cranio Facial


An important element in achieving excellence is working with the best tools for the job. Our practice utilizes the most advanced technology available to help accurately diagnose and effectively treat our patients. Alongside our experienced craniofacial plastic surgeon and skilled multi-specialty team, our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide exceptional care from start to finish. Much of the technology we operate is designed to let us “see” with greater clarity and to plan with greater precision. We use these instruments to make models, visualize the surgery, and ensure more predictable outcomes. If you would like to know more about our technology, our friendly and knowledgeable medical team will be happy to provide additional information during your initial consultation. Some of the many pieces of technology include:

  • 3D CAT Scans: A traditional CAT scan, or computerized tomography (CT) scan, takes an x-ray image of the structures of the body. A 2D CAT scan takes images in “slices” while a 3D CAT scan can be used to construct three-dimensional radiographs of internal body parts.
  • 3D Printing Models: Three-dimensional printing models allow our physician to create an anatomical replica to better visualize the area of concern and to accurately devise a treatment plan.
  • Virtual Surgical Planning: This technology builds on the results of our other image-gathering tools to simulate the surgical plan in a virtual environment using computers and customized instruments.
  • Custom Implants: Used as part of the reconstructive process, custom implants can be incorporated into a treatment to restore function and aesthetics in patients with inadequate or missing bone structure on the jaw, face, and/or skull.
  • 3D Photography: Three-dimensional photography allows Dr. Payne to show patients how changes to the nose or chin can appear after surgery with virtual planning.