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Can You Close an Ear Piercing Without Surgery?

Close Ear PiercingEarlobe repair is an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment for patients who have had their earlobes stretched from piercings over time, used large gauge piercings, or experienced a traumatic injury in this area. Dr. Eric Payne, our craniofacial plastic surgeon, can help close stretched ear-piercing holes and repair torn earlobes.

The soft cartilage and fatty tissue of the earlobes make them susceptible to tearing and stretching without the same ability to return the same shape after healing as other areas of the body. Repairing these concerns can usually be done quickly in an in-office earlobe repair (otoplasty or ear surgery) procedure with local anesthesia. If you have a fresh wound or tear, stitches may be all that is necessary to address the issue. Dr. Payne emphasizes your safety and health above all, so depending on the particulars of your treatment plan, he may suggest a different medical facility or level of sedation.

In many cases, a few small incisions and stitches are sufficient to repair the earlobe. The experience is generally quick and easy, much like getting your ears pierced in the first place, with a similar time frame for recovery. If you have significant elongation or used large gauges, you may require a different approach. Dr. Payne will review your treatment plan in full before beginning, so you are well-informed in advance.

If you’re bothered by the appearance of your earlobes, or if you’ve experienced a tear, we can help. Talk to our medical team to schedule a consultation and learn more.