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Houston Cranio Facial

About the Practice

Craniofacial surgery is a subspecialty of plastic surgery involved with the skull and facial bones as well as the relationship with the skin, muscle, fat, nerves and surrounding structures of the face. A craniofacial plastic surgeon is trained in treating three main categories: Reconstruction of traumatic injuries, reconstruction of congenital deformities or birth defects, and reconstruction of defects resulting from tumor or cancer surgery.

Who We Are

Dr. Eric Payne was trained in plastic surgery and craniofacial surgery. He has extensive experience in treating craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery disorders. He is dedicated to providing premier service for yourself or your child. He is interested in cleft lip and palate surgery as well as orthognathic (jaw) surgery. Treating infants with premature fusion of skull sutures, also known as craniosynostosis, has been at the forefront of his training.

His team will put you at ease and guide you through the process of treating your child. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible. With a convenient location at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital you will find free parking, easy access to our facilities and confidently trained staff to guide you through the process.

We accept all types of insurance programs and have expertise in navigating the systems with you and your family. We welcome all new patients and look forward to developing a long term relationship.

Billing and Payment Information

At The Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery Center of Houston, our office will provide you with everything you need to know regarding our payment policies and billing information. If you’re undergoing emergency care for an urgent medical condition, you are protected against “surprise billing” and “balance billing,” which are practices that can occur when patients receive care from an out-of-network provider. Read more about your rights against “surprise billing” and “balance billing” for emergency services here:

If you do not have certain types of health coverage, you are also entitled to a Good Faith Estimate of treatment costs prior to receiving any care. This should include an approximate estimation of the total anticipated costs, including charges for medications, hospital fees, medical tests, etc. Learn about patients’ right to a Good Faith Estimate below:

Privacy Complaint Notice

Our team takes every measure to ensure the privacy of our patients and those who visit our practice. Follow the link below to read our privacy complaint notice and to learn more: