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Can Corrective Jaw Surgery Have Health Benefits?

The alignment of the upper and lower jaws doesn’t just play a role in the integrity of your bite — a significant imbalance can also affect the facial muscles, nerves, joints, and all interconnected systems to create many different types of dysfunction. While it’s true that corrective jaw surgery can be utilized to enhance your appearance and facial proportions, this maxillofacial procedure is most often performed for medical reasons, including to alleviate difficulty while chewing,... Continue Reading


How Can a Cleft Palate Affect Hearing?

While a cleft lip alone doesn’t usually present a higher risk of long-term hearing loss when compared to children unaffected by a cleft deformity, individuals born with a cleft palate often face a number of unique challenges concerning their hearing and speech development. Hearing issues associated with a cleft palate can develop gradually and resolve on their own, only to arise again once more later in life. For this reason, it’s important to remain vigilant... Continue Reading