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Other Skull Deformities

In addition to craniosynostosis, skull deformities can occur as a result of a number of factors. Some examples include positional head deformities (which can develop during the birthing process or from tight neck muscles that cause a persistent head tilt, for instance), an inability of the skull sutures to fuse, and the malposition or incorrect location of the skull bones. Other causes, such as the lack of closure of a neural tube (encephalocele), can also lead to abnormalities. Our extensively trained plastic and craniofacial surgeon evaluates each malformation and develops a customized treatment plan in collaboration with his skilled multi-specialty team. Dr. Eric Payne has considerable experience in a comprehensive range of skull deformities, and they strive to deliver an elevated standard of care supported by a compassionate, family- and patient-first approach.

Diagnosis of and treatment for pediatric skull deformities can be a difficult and emotional experience. We are here to help you better understand each step of the process and to provide the best care possible. For more information about skull deformities, please follow the links below or contact us to schedule a consultation.