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How Can Jaw Surgery Improve My Appearance?

Two Young People SmilingJaw surgery is often performed to address congenital deformities or traumatic injuries, but many individuals are unaware that orthognathic procedures can also be pursued for aesthetic purposes. On top of helping to repair speech, biting, and physiological difficulties (such as mouth breathing), jaw surgery can also benefit patients cosmetically by:

  • Correcting facial imbalances or asymmetries
  • Advancing a receding chin and/or jawline
  • Improving the shape of the face
  • Completing enhancements that cannot be achieved with chin implants

While jaw surgery has the potential to powerfully improve a receded jawline or other irregularities in your facial proportions, this treatment option is still a major procedure that requires the skill of a board-certified craniofacial plastic surgeon. That said, the various types of cosmetic orthognathic surgery can be highly effective options to enhance the look, function, and physiology of the jaw in relation to the rest of the head.

Dr. Eric Payne is a highly trained craniofacial plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive procedures for the head and neck. He can help guide you through the process of achieving your ideal facial proportions with cosmetic jaw surgery. Please contact our Houston-area practice today to schedule your initial consultation.