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Can I Treat an Infant Ear Deformity Without Surgery?

Roughly one-third of infants are born with some type of ear deformity, which is a term that encompasses many different conditions defined by irregular ear development. Infant ear deformities are relatively common and approximately one-third to one-half of cases even self-correct within the first few weeks of birth. While incorrect ear development does not naturally resolve for all children, craniofacial plastic surgeon Eric Payne, MD can treat an array of ear deformities without surgery using the highly effective EarWell™ Infant Ear Molding system.

Remodeling the ear shape with EarWell™ has proven to be highly successful for infants who are still within the initial weeks of birth, often providing results that are consistent with or even more effective than a surgical procedure. During the process, Dr. Payne will carefully craft a custom mold according to your child’s specific ear shape. He will describe how each step contributes to the final result so you have a good understanding of how ear molding treatment with EarWell™ works. The mold is designed to gently reshape the cartilage and soft tissue of your infant’s ear, which are still soft and pliable during the first few weeks of life. In approximately 90 percent of children, EarWell™ can correct the ear appearance in six to eight weeks without any incisions or downtime.

Dr. Eric Payne has helped countless infants achieve a normal ear appearance without surgery, anesthesia, or invasive techniques. Please contact the Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery Center of Houston to schedule a consultation for your child or if you have any questions about our non-surgical treatment options.